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more information: OpenVPN

  1. install openvpn
    • on Debian and Debian-based distributions (Ubuntu, Mint, Trisquel, etc.) this can be done with apt install openvpn
  2. create a new certificate on and copy it to /etc/openvpn/ using
    sudo cp config.ovpn /etc/openvpn/client/
  3. run OpenVPN, e.g. running sudo openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/client/config.ovpn


more information: LDAP

Most of our services use a central authentication system. You should have received credentials when you became a member from an admin. You can change your credentials if you log into the userbox and execute passwd

Own Webspace

You have your own webspace on zombi, that's being served at<USERNAME> Files that you place at ~/Public on the userbox will be served at that location.


more information: Mail

You can use your zombi Mail either via webmail or with the mail client of your choice. You can login with your LDAP-Credentials. Those are the configuration parameters:

Security SSL/TLS
Authentication Plain
Adress your E-mail Adress
Login LDAP-Username
Password LDAP-Password


Your JID is <ldap-username> and your Password is your LDAP-Password. Feel free to join our mucs and


Browse through the projects in Gitea and contribute to them or create your own projects. You can always create a ticket in redmine if you need support or spotted a problem you can't solve on the fly.