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status: stable

Description central authentication service
Maintainer  User:paul
Gitlab  dockerfiles/ldap
Running on  ravenholm

LDAP is our centralized authentication solution. You'll receive credentials when becoming a member. You can use them to authenticate in most of our services. As of February 2020 the only possibility to change your password is logging into the userbox and changing your password using passwd.

Enabling LDAP authentication

To enable a service for LDAP authentication, you need to create a Service Account first. This can be done on ravenholm, using shelldap. within ou=Services,ou=People you can create a service account using touch and modify it using edit. Within the authentication configuration of your service you need to specify the full hierarchy as the account name, e.g. uid=example,ou=Services,ou=People,o=zombi. The base DN for authentication is ou=People,o=zombi. The login attribute is the uid.


This Authentication method is used by the following Services: The query result could not be obtained from the SPARQL database. This error might be temporary or indicate a bug in the database software.