Minetest server

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Minetest server

status: experimental

Description Sandbox Voxel Game
Category  Gaming
Author  User:cpp
Maintainer  User:cpp
Gitlab  dockerfiles/minetest-git
Implements  Q722334 (wikidata)

Minetest is a free/libre Infinyminer-clone that's easily extendable by lua plugins and requires way less resources then proprietary alternatives. There is a Dockerfile, so it's easy to spin up a Server. You can find the game client in the repositories of your favorite operating system


Minetest is the skeleton for a series of games that consists out of a bunch of mods that add basic game mechanics. Apart from minetest_game there are some other relevant games, such as

Useful mods

Minetest provides all game rules with mods, so altering the list of used mods will alter the gameplay substantially.