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status: beta

Description Severs for vanilla or modded minecraft
Category  gaming
Author  User:Lod
Maintainer  User:Lod
Maintainer  User:Madmaurice
Location  ravenholm
Implements  Q85851440 (wikidata)

Setting up a server

Building the image

Step 1: Add your preset to the Makeconf file

.PHONY: <packname>
<packname>: MINECRAFT=<minecraft version>
<packname>: FORGE=<forge version>
<packname>: build

If there is already a preset matching your minecraft forge version combination consider using that.

Build your preset to an image

This will build an image with the name zombi/forge-modbase:<minecraft version>-<forge version>.

make <packname>

Setting up the Container

Step 1: Create data directory

This will be the destination for the permanent date of the minecraft instance including the world and settings.

mkdir /data/minecraft/<packname>

Step 2: Run once

This will add the files to the data directory we created just now.

docker run -ti --rm -v /data/minecraft/<packname>:/minecraft zombi/forge-modbase:<minecraft version>-<forge version>

Step 3: Add mod pack to data directory

Move your mod pack into the data directory.

cp modpackdata /data/minecraft/<packname>/mods

Step 4: Create the container

Create a permanent container.

docker run -tid --name <name of your minecraft server> -v /data/minecraft/<packname>:/minecraft zombi/forge-modbase:<minecraft version>-<forge version>