Guns of Icarus

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Guns of Icarus

status: actively played

Description proprietary airship combat game
Category  Gaming
Author  User:cpp
Maintainer  User:cpp
Maintainer  User:lod
License  proprietary

Guns of Icarus (Wikipedia) is a proprietary game, that runs natively on GNU/Linux and uses Steam for DRM. As the game is quite cheap a lot of zombis bought the game. We run a clan in Guns of Icarus, but we don't participate in organized community events as a clan, yet.


As a clan we neither have a strong pve nor pvp focus. Some of our members spend most of their time playing pve, while others only play pvp. If you want to know more about the Zombi clan in GoI write a mail to goi AT zom DỌT bi or contact cpp or lod.


We're not participating in competitive events yet. You'll usually find our members in public lobbies or community events, like the dev games or the forge of friendship.


We're a chaladonian clan and among our members are leading chaladonian wardens. We also accept known yeshan admirals in our clan, but we usually ask new members to join the order of chaladon.


While the basic game mechanics are easy to understand, the game has a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to the subtleties of airship warfare. There are a few guides on steam that are a good cheat sheet, if you're unsure about a certain weapon/ship/ammunition/tool.

  • General crew guide: [1]


  • Guns and Ammunition types: [2]


The meta for PvP and PvE differ substantially, as there are special abilities and guns in PvE, the behavior of AI ships differs a lot from player ships and the objectives are different.


Infiltration is arguably the easiest game mode on hell, as you don't need to kill the enemies. Pick a fast ship that is reasonable tanky, i.e. a junker. As the pilot bring kerosene, moonshine, phoenix claw and the engine stabilization ability. You can do this game mode on hell with just one human crew. The engineer should bring armor kit, pipe wrench and a fire extinguisher. As special ability bring salvo neutralizer, or if playing with a novice mechanized rebuild ability. The general strategy on this game mode is avoiding damage i.e. stay as low as possible and try to take cover when capturing objectives. Always use kerosene when moving to the next objective. Use moonshine together with your special ability. The only thing the engineer has to do is keeping the hull alive, the AI should be set to repair (F3) and will take care of the balloon and the engines. Don't take wall shortcuts, as you'd suffer to much damage from enemy ships and AA Towers while taking down the walls.

Other game modes

The Proximal Detonation Ability of the gunner is pretty overpowered right now, if being used with Kalkuta Gas Mortar Mk. II and Roaring Tiger Heavy Detonator. Pick a shrike with each each gun two times and bring as many gunners as possible. Keep spamming all the guns in the general direction of the enemies while the gunner special ability is active. With that loadout you're able to win all game modes on hell difficulty.