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status: stable

Description Filehosting
Author  User:bsod
Maintainer  User:bsod
Maintainer  User:madmaurice
Gitlab  dockerfiles/nextcloud
Running on  ravenholm
Authentication  LDAP

We are running a Nextcloud installation on

It currenty offers the following functionality:

  • File storage, syncronisation and sharing
  • Collaborative Text editing via shared text documents (similar to etherpad - Feature description: [1])
  • Contacts syncronisation via CardDAV
  • Calendar syncronisation via CalDAV
  • Task list management with CalDAV synchronisation
  • Notes with mobile synchronisation
  • RSS Feed reader with mobile syncronisation
  • Poll system including doodle-like timeslot voting

You should be able to use this service if your user account is in the Members or Cloud usergroup in LDAP.